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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
I updated yesterday. Other than having to do one more reboot to get Edge to work, there were no problems.
I wish I could say that. Despite having nothing open when I okayed the update--the request came when I started to shut down--I still lost parts of all the documents I'd been working on that day.

Specifically, when I logged on today, I noticed none of those documents appeared on the desktop where I'd left them. I opened Word and from the list of 'recently worked on', chose each one in turn and opened it, then saved it to an existing folder, then dragged it from the folder to the desktop. On opening, I found each in the state it had been two days earlier. In other words, two days of work missing.

I looked online for information. Most pages advised opening the "windows.old" folder from File Explorer > Drive C. Nothing was in any of the document folders I reached via windows.old.

I have no idea if there was something I could have done to prevent this. I post in case it might help someone else, or in case it generates some advice that might be relevant.

It was certainly extremely annoying!