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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
IIRC we started last year's draft right around the start of the third preseason games. Is that the plan this time? Do we know when we should have our cuts in and figure out number of draft picks each team has? I know I'm ready to make cuts at anytime, but if people need more time, that's cool too. But we should start looking forward to starting soon.
I had a similar thought a couple days ago but then remembered that the schedule is in the OP, and we're in fine shape:

Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
League dates:
Week 3 of preseason: Thursday, Aug. 22nd - Sunday. Aug. 25th
Final roster cuts: Noon ET Sunday, Aug. 25th
2019 Draft opening day: Monday, Aug. 26th
NFL opening day: Thursday, Sept. 5th
Last year the draft went smoothly and quickly, with no concern about running out of time, using a similar schedule as above. I'd forgotten that we wait to post our cuts after the 3rd week games as well, not just start the draft after those games, so that's pretty much perfect.

I'm assuming we'll probably start the draft right around noon on that Sunday, when the final cuts are due, because why not?

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