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Originally Posted by Ike Witt View Post
What do you think about Claptrap? The difference is noticeable but not too bad.
I donít like him nearly as much. He went from being obliviously cheerful and upbeat to being a total jerk. He still has some good lines but overall heís not enjoyable.

Zaneís holo-clone (that you can swap places with at will) is my favorite ability from any Borderlands game yet.

In one fight I went up against a bruiser with a shield. I tossed my clone behind him, and as he charged me I swapped places then shot him in the ass. He angrily turned around, charged again, I swapped again and repeated. He didnít last long. You can also go on a high place, drop a clone, jump down, engage enemies, then swap back and snipe them while they flail at your clone.