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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
The thread title asks what gun owners fear. We get it now - they fear black people with guns.
I don't think I can roll my eyes hard enough.

In my experience, there are a few motivations to own guns, only one of which is outright fear.
  • Sport users- hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, plinkers.
  • Collectors - they like the engineering and history behind the weapons and like shooting them some too.
  • Fear types- these are the ones who are afraid of usually one of two things- either criminals, or the government.
  • Gun-as-tool people- these are the people who own guns because they're practical tools for their line of work- farmers, for example have need of guns to eliminate vermin and predators.

The government-fearing ones are usually worried about tyranny, and IMO, are the source of a lot of the problem. They've set up their internal narrative such that they're defending freedom by owning guns as a bulwark against a potential tyrannical central government. Which is fine and good, but the problem comes in that they then perceive any suggestion or attempt at controlling their access to said guns as the start of the aforementioned tyranny. So they dig in their heels as hard as they possibly can, convinced that they're in the right, and on the front line of defending our democracy and way of life against tyranny.

Usually these types overlap in any given gun owner- it's probably hard to find a gun-as-tool owner who doesn't also hunt or engage in shooting sports. And the fear-driven sorts are heavily overlapped with the collector types as well.

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