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Originally Posted by Ulf the Unwashed View Post
As my sister is fond of pointing out, 52% of white women voted for the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief. It's...bizarre.
It isn't bizarre if you understand that some of the most intense, vicious misogyny comes from women who detest another female stepping outside her "proper" role. I recall when the first female jockey began riding at Suffolk Downs, and a woman in a class I was taking was dismissively sniping about how could she ever do well, she'd be too worried about breaking her nails, among other such stereotyped nasty things.

Is it jealousy? Fear of being pushed out of their own comfortable rut? Brainwashed so thoroughly in gender stereotypes they can't accept a woman who steps outside of all that? I don't know, but it's a real thing. Pile that on top of the relentless campaign of demonization against Hillary Clinton, and there's a goodly chunk of that 52 percent.