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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
The post I was commenting on (#328) listed a bunch of things that he theorized might contribute to the high black murder rate. One of those things (the most absurd one IMHO) was "voting rights constantly threatened due to Jim Crow laws". In other words, it WAS "one of the things that DrDeth noted in his post that [I] replied to".

I'm not sure what your complaint is.
I guess I didn't understand what your point was. You took a single phrase out of context, and acted as if it were the entirety of the post. Now that you understand that it was one of many factors, do you get why your pulling out of one factor, and demanding to know if that one factor was solely responsible was an extremely poor form of debate?

I guess the question is, did you actually believe that each of those factor was individually responsible, or did you know, when you demanded to know how that factor was individually responsible, that it was not?

Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Your side doesn't stop at city limits. Cities and states that support gun control complain incessantly that the guns are coming from outside their jurisdiction, and they push to have their gun control schemes imposed on those other jurisdictions.
Depends on what you mean. If you mean by owning and carrying, then no one cares what you do out in the country. If you are talking about selling or transferring to others, then it would be useful that you do not sell it to people who would bring it into the city to cause harm. That's pretty much the only thing that I would ask of anyone outside of a city. I know, hard ask, to not give your gun to a violent criminal, especially if they are offering you money for it.

You guys are even pushing legislation that would require states to accept other state's CCW's, even disallowing the states to set laws on how guns are carried in their state.

Also, Heller did not apply to anything at all outside of city limits, San Francisco's requirement that you have a gun safe does not do anything to anyone outside of SF.

Why does anyone that does not live in SF care what SF does?

Yeah, you keep your guns out of our cities, and we don't care what you do with them. You insist on bringing your guns into the cities, then we should be allowed to have a say in how you carry them. If you insist on being able to sell them to violent criminals, then yeah, we will need to look into doing what needs to be done to stop you from continuing that practice.

Is that the freedom that you are so very concerned about, not being able to sell your gun to someone who will use it for violence?

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(post shortened)

Hahahaha. You claim that people who don't believe as you tell them to are ignorant. You claim they have been lied to. I find it to be just the opposite. Many anti-2nd zealots are proud of their ignorance of firearms, and of firearm issues from the point of firearm owners. They repeatedly ask the same questions as if the answers will magically change. They tell 2nd Amendment supporters that their concerns are not valid, or important. And they are shocked to find out that they still do not have the votes to change the 2nd Amendment. Maybe it's because We the People don't believe your side's arguments?
Wow, that's not even an argument, that's just a ball of stupid and ignorance in post form.

I've not met a gun control advocate "proud" of their ignorance of firearms, though I will admit that people who worship guns are probably going to know more about them than those who do not. As the gun advocate will flip his lid if clip/magazine are used "incorrectly", and claim that all gun control advocates are ignorant because someone used a term in a way they didn't approve, I think your perception of that ignorance is magnified by orders of magnitude.

And your idea that it is the same gun control advocate repeatedly asking the same questions whos that you simply lump people together, and do not consider them to be individuals, and that they should all have the same knowledge. It is not the same advocate asking the same question, it is multiple advocates, al asking a similar question. The whole, "if one more person asks that question..." thing, where you take out your frustration on someone who asked the question for the first time, but because it wasn't the first time for you, you react inappropriately.

You should note that "We the People" are very much in favor of gun control measures. Unfortunately, most "we the people" do not know how stymied what they would consider to be reasonable measures are by the fanatics on your side hiding behind and weaponizing 2A.

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So why are blacks poor and prone to crime outside of the South, in deep blue states where their diversity is celebrated and racism has been extinguished? Is it possible, just as food for thought, that the causes of crime and poverty are a bit more nuanced and complicated than your simple-minded explanation of "racism"?
Ummm, cite that racism has been extinguished, please?

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Since you ask so politely: I fear assholes with guns. Color isn't an issue.
I fear that, but I more fear the irresponsible idiot with a gun.