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It seems than many posters disagree with our basic founding principles contained in the Declaration of Independence.

If indeed we have no rights that are not granted by the benevolence of government, and those are the only source of any rights, then how does any source of any type of social "progress" or any sort of "good" come into play?

Suppose than an SS officer was transported to 2019 and was arguing here on the board that the extermination of the Jews was the law of his land and he believed it to be the correct and scientifically progressive thing to do. Surely nobody here arguing against the natural law/rights from God concept would concede that our modern view is just as equally correct as an abstract matter since rights only come from the government. So what document or what political or moral philosophy would you point at to convince the SS officer that our view is superior to his?

So help me understand. If there is no natural law, what makes things right or wrong? What makes gay marriage better than no gay marriage? What makes legal abortion better than no legal abortion? What makes caring for people as individuals superior to executing the disabled so as not to harm the gene pool?

If the Constitution was amended to outlaw free speech, would you believe that such was the result of a super majority of the electorate and was morally just as valid as having free speech? Would you obey the law and not say anything, content in your belief that you were just following the law of the land?

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