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Originally Posted by melodyharmonius View Post
Do I need to send you pics - or can i just give you a link to my online photo gallery?
While there's just a chance you are trying to take advantage of my good nature by offering me more naked photos to look at (more photos = more work for me), I have good reasons for accepting your suggestions. Either of them. Or both.

The only qualities I can bring to the table for Arnold's project right now are a willingness to work, selflessness, and downright prurience. Important though these are to the success of the venture, it would doubtless assist Arnold (and the SD) if these attributes are backed up by a high degree of skill and professionalism. Access to your photos would give me an opportunity for some much needed cropping practice, an activity that thus far lies totally outside my sphere of experience.

To this end, I look forward to working with your photos in a joint venture directed solely at providing the SDMB gallery with pictures of the highest quality in a SFW context. I am glad that you are taking this project seriously by offering as many naked/partially naked/merely suggestive photos as possible to help ensure its success.

For the sake of our great community, let us hope that other women will follow your shining example and send me shedloads of photos, despite the unimaginable suffering I personally will experience in taking on an ever-increasing workload.