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Hey, can I join?

Yeah, after I pulled together that list of links in MwNNrules's thread (you can bet I am saving that one for reference) I was struck by the fact that there are always a few guitar threads going on...

as for how I am doin' - I am doing well guitar-wise. I have been toying with a couple of changes / upgrades to my set of guitars - if I do, I will chime in and let you know. It would involve selling some First Edition books, so I have to take a deep breath and figure out my options...but the guitars would be really cool.

in terms of whatcha playin" - I am really just noodling with hybrid picking and slide. I seem to be getting to a place with hybrid picking where I have some "flow" - I can lay down a rhythm and then drop in some lead work and pick back up at the rhythm without any loss of groove. I am extending my playing up and down the neck - really just focused on standard blues in E and A, nothing fancy - but using a flatpick + middle and ring fingers for picking really opens up the fretboard for me.