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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
Though, apparently, WordMan disagrees with me on that one.

I suspect my guitar teacher (who transcribed it after listening to it by ear) may have cut a few corners in what he taught me.
As with many rock songs, there's the easy way and the subtle way - on one hand, when Keith Richards is playing in Open G, he famously states "all you need is 3 chords, two fingers and 1 asshole" but if you actually try to play it with all the nuance and groove that Keef does, every song is a master class... I always say, I spent half my playing time working on new challenges and half rockin' out to Smoke on the Water on 1 string - you have to both grow and have fun...

E - glad you are learning more about guitar set up - a good tuner that can detect 12-fret harmonics so you can compare them to the fretted 12th note to check intonation is very helpful; learning to DIY is good, especially if you leave your guitar out of its case and/or live in a place with seasonal variance; adjusting intonation in Winter and Summer is easy to do and can be a very good thing.

kenobi - I remember scoping out Iris' guitar - back in the day, it stood out because it was retro - i.e., not pointy!

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