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Originally Posted by E-Sabbath View Post
Yeah, okay, so this tuner I have isn't as good as I thought it was. It shows chord _positions_, it doesn't tell me if the chord sounds right. I thought it would from the package. What's a good tuner?
No clue - meaning, I have tried a bunch of the $20 - $30 kind from Guitar Center and they all seem basically fine. To me, tuners are like, I dunno, oregano - you know how you are at the store and you see it, and try to remember whether you have some; it's pretty inexpensive, so just to be sure, you buy some? I have a ton of tuners.

I have a few Korg ones - they are fine. Try to find ones with big, readable digital numbers or a very clear dial - you may not gig, but you may find yourself in various lighting conditions...and make sure it is chromatic - i.e., can show the full Western scale, not just EADGBE - you will need alternate tunings at some point...