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Hm. You know, this thing is settling up decently. One last issue. My A string. When I pluck it, _something_ vibrates in... not harmony, no. More like 'in annoying buzz'. The strings above and below it are tuned properly, so they shouldn't be resonating.
Any ideas on what that is?
Could be one of a few of things. First thing I'd check is the string behind the nut. Put your finger on the string between the nut and the tuning peg, pluck it, and see if you still hear it. If that does the trick, then it's probably a poorly cut nut slot - something that you shouldn't fix yourself because you have to be pretty precise and there's a high chance of mucking things up. Can't tell you how much nut material I went through before I could do it confidently...

Another possible cause could be the strings saddle. Sometimes the small allen wrench height adjustment screws can become a little loose and not fully contact the bridge plate. To test this, place your finger on the string's saddle and press down lightly. Then pluck the string and see if the vibration goes away. If this is the case, you just need to turn one of those little allen screws clockwise to get it to contact the bridge plate.

Another possibility is a sympathetic vibration coming from the tremolo springs (if you have a whammy bar - I'm pretty sure you do). This is quite common with strat type guitars and usually only occurs when a certain note is played. I have a strat that does it whenever I play a B flat anywhere on the neck. It's not an annoying buzz though, it's actually the spring vibrating at the same frequency as the string and it should sound like the same tone as the note. It doesn't really bug me, but if I have this issue with the guitars I build, I'll put a little of this spongy packaging material between the springs and the bottom of the spring cavity which keeps them from vibrating...