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Thank you and welcome, Anisos

Originally Posted by JRDelirious View Post
Ah, nationalism... there's one idea that needs to go into the wastebin mondo pronto...
Originally Posted by Hypnagogic Jerk View Post
I wouldn't say that. I consider myself a nationalist, in the sense that my identity is largely derived from the national group I belong to. I suppose that your Puerto Rican nationality also informs your identity as a person. But as any other ideology, it can lead people to do good things, and it can lead people to do bad things.
Ah, but you see, then we are using terms somewhat differently. To me, nationalism as the sociopolitical ideology, is distinct from awareness of historico-ethno-cultural identity (nationality), and I can have the latter while rejecting the former (Heck, I feel no particular urge for PR to be an independent sovereign nation-state, I'd support becoming a state of the US; and if we're ever independent I'd wish we would have jus soli citizenship and liberal naturalization, rather than insist on "blood" citizenship).

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