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Originally Posted by BrainGlutton View Post
Originally Posted by Anisos
I was fed all that as much as all average children growing up in Greece. Our books had anti-Turkish propaganda . . .
Why? I mean, American schoolbooks are not full of anti-British propaganda.
This has got to be the weirdest question I've seen on the Dope in a while, and especially surprising coming from BrainGlutton.

Why do you think the US/British relationship is in any way comparable to the Greece/Turkey relationship?

Even if you look at the distant past, the relationship was different. But I think the main issue/differentiator is stuff that is going on in the present.

Does the UK routinely fly military jets into US air space against US's wishes? Do the UK and US have ongoing territorial disputes? Did the UK invade and occupy to this day a very close ally of the US?