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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
How much input, if any, will Pratchett have on those stories? Is he going to personally write any of them, or hand-pick his own stable of writers he thinks are up to it, or act as a creative consultant, or anything? Or will it just be hacks writing "with characters created by Terry Pratchett"?
I haven't seen "Colour of Magic," so can't comment on that, but Pratchett had a lot of input in Hogfather, and even appeared in it. A great deal of the dialog is straight from the book. And the Halmis treated the material with respect. Unfortunately, with all this, the movie fell wide of the mark. Point being, if they can get a director, writer, and actors who can capture the spirit and humor of Pratchett's writing, I don't care if they mess up on the particulars. I always have the books when I need the real thing.