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I hate Origin's shipping notification e-mails. I got one yesterday letting me know that my copy of ME3 Collector's Edition had shipped.

Well, to be precise, it said that "Mass Effect" had shipped. Considering the cost listed in the e-mail and that I kept the preorder e-mail from back in August or whenever it was that I ordered it, I'm 99% sure they're actually sending me what I ordered.

The e-mail also listed my name, shipping address, and a tracking number. No hint as to what carrier was shipping the game (turned out to be UPS), nothing else useful. I can't confirm my order on the Origin website as there is no order history tied to your account. I can't confirm it via the Origin client as it won't display anything you ordered a material copy of until you actually install the thing. And this means I can't even pre-load the game like people who pre-ordered the downloadable version.

I mean, really. I promised them $85 freaking dollars several months ago - and I waffle about paying $0.99 for an unknown iPhone game - and I get a misleading, barely useful e-mail that only tells me after hunting down the carrier that they claim to have printed a shipping label, and maybe in a day or so I'll find out when my game (presumably the one I actually ordered) might actually ship. Shoddy work, EA. I wish Bioware didn't feel they'd had to make that deal with the devil.

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