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Originally Posted by Jragon View Post
I'm having a blast with my Adept on ME2 insanity. I mean, no chance I'm getting it done before ME3 is out, and I have minor complaints here and there, but it's a lot more fun than it was on normal. Granted, I haven't even fought my first collASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL yet, so my opinion may change.
Adepts have it easier against Collectors than most other enemy types. The Collector's defenses are all armor and barrier, and Warp spam deals with both quite handily.

I never understood the "Adepts are screwed on higher difficulty" perception with ME2. I mean, sure, you don't immediately insta-kill everything like you do on Normal, but none of the classes do. Even the infiltrator's amped-up heavy sniper rifle has to plug away at the extra defenses. If anybody's screwed, it's the Vanguard. Charge is a bit suicidal!