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(No story spoilers at all, but I'll put it in a spoiler box just in case)

The relationship between single and multiplayer works like this:

Progress of the war is represented by a few variables. There's your Total Military Strength which is the sum of all the War Assets you've unlocked through quests, etc. This is multiplied by your Readiness Rating to get your Effective Military Strength. Presumably, the ending of the game will be affected by how high your Effective Military Strength is.

Readiness Rating starts at 50% and AFAIK the only way to raise it (within ME3) is by playing the multiplayer. However, there are an absolute ton of War Assets out there that you can get. I'm less than 20 hours in and have already had my Effective Military Strength bar maxed for quite a while (with a bit of multiplayer under my belt, granted.) Bioware stated that multiplayer was not necessary, so my guess is that there are enough Assets out there that you can max your Effective Military Strength even with a Readiness of 50%.

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