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Originally Posted by Ferret Herder View Post
I'd recommend just slowly proceeding on those quests to see how they go.
Because as long as you're cool with accepting Aria's deal, you do have other options on those.
Specifically, talk to insane Asari and you'll see another option besides releasing her, and talk to the general to find out how you can deal with the situation.
Thanks! I did just shelve the Asari prisoner issue, and stumbled into an alternative solution, so that was nice. It also looks like if I fetch the right kind of toothpicks I can fix the other issue too.

Quimby, your discussion of your monkey Shepard made me laugh like an idiot at the gym, so people were looking at me weird. I decided if I tried to explain why I was laughing, they would have looked at me weirder. (I do think the female faces tend to have a prominent maxilla. I think they were going for pouty Angelina Jolie and overshot into Planet of the Apes territory.)