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*sticks fingers in ears, shuts eyes, says LA LA LA LA*

Remember folks the game ain't out in Europe yet, spoiler tags are appreciated! I'm still pissed off that I accidentally ruined ME2's twist that the
Collectors were Protheans
, and I've already heard that in ME3
Emily Wong
dies! Not quite on the same scale but I was pretty upset. Why couldn't it have been
Khalisa? After Shep has one last interview and slugging match for old times sake.

Not looking at anything, just reporting on the facecode thing. Got the demo yesterday (I'm late to the party I know); put in the facecode I got from following the BioWare forums resulted in a pretty perfect reconstruction of my Shep I've had since ME1, although I've heard results can vary. So, when I pick up my copy tomorrow and import my save, if it cocks up I've got a recourse.

Also; it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. What the hell has happened to Shockwave?! Gone from an unstoppable freight train of biotic power to having all the force of a chihuahua taking a piss. Warp's still as useful as ever though, as is Singularity. Floating ducks!