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Originally Posted by Furious_Marmot View Post
How does the gameplay compare to the first two games? ME1 felt more like a traditional RPG with real time-fights, whereas ME2 felt like a FPS with talking. I liked the plethora of options in ME1, even though the inventory system was kind of a mess. Plus, the regeneration/cover system in ME2 seemed too "gamey" for me. Is the third installment an continuation of the trend, a return to the original, or a whole different thing?
It's more of Mass Effect 2. improved, though there is a difficulty called "Narrative" which tones down the amount of reflexes you need to get through the game. The cover system is refined, not perfect, but it feels smoother now. The game doesn't get as intense as Gears of War (at least on Normal difficulty, which is quite a challenge for me).

RPG-wise, there are more choices you can make. From level 3 onwards, each upgrade to a power have 2 options - either more AoE, or more damage, and the like. You get to mod/upgrade your weapons, and put piece-meal armour together to give you the exact bonuses you want. You can't turn your pistol into an artillery like in ME1, but there are still enough varieties to make it fun. In the end though, your reflexes still count more than your stats.

(And ooh some of the weapons are fun too! There's a heavy pistol that fires sticky bombs!)

There are more tactical choices to be made too; do you carry lots of heavy weapons which does heavy damage into the battlefield, but reduce your power regeneration speed, or travel with just a pistol and/or SMG so that you can keep spamming your Warp?

The game also have rewards for doing melee attacks or biotic combo - there' s a Seletinel upgrade which gives your powers no recharge time if you set off a biotic combo. There's one which ups your protection by 30% if you kill someone with a heavy melee attack.

It seems that the system has finally strike a right balance.

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