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Originally Posted by Quimby View Post
Sorry to follow my own post with another post but I was wondering if anyone else has an issue where the dialogue volume is really low but sound effects are loud? I checked all my windows sound settings and they seem fine. It just seems to be in the game.
Generally I don't have a problem, except on the Citadel all the newscasts and PA announcements tend to drown out conversations I'm having or trying to listen to! I haven't figured out how I could change that.

IMHO, all the digital noise on the Citadel is a major misstep in their imagined future - they should realize that we're all becoming more and more connected, but only in our own, isolated and carefully crafted bubbles. No one wants to hear constant broadcasts everywhere - we're connected to our smartphones with Bluetooth headsets!

But I'll forgive them because I adore their matter-of-fact inclusion of gay marriage.