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Originally Posted by Mr. Kobayashi View Post
From the Bioware forums:

Just so you guys know, there are TWO requirements to make peace between the Geth and Quarians.

The first, as you have obviously figured out is your reputation (paragon/renegade) bar.

The second is a tally of "Peace Points" from various Quarian/Geth missions throughout ME2+3. The situations where you receive "Peace Points" are the following:

Legion's Loyalty Mission: Rewrite = 0 / Destroy = 2
Tali's Loyalty Mission: Exile = 0 / Innocence = 2
Legion/Tali Argument: Siding with someone = 0 / Moderating argument through reputation interrupt = 1

Saving the Admiral = 1
Shutting down the Geth Fighters = 1

The total of points you can receive is 7. I know for a fact that peace can be achieved through a paragon interrupt with only 5 points (following a pure paragon path in ME2/3). It seems natural to assume that achieving peace through a renegade interrupt would require all 7 points. (Needs confirmation)