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Originally Posted by cckerberos View Post
From the Bioware forums:

Hmm, I did all of those except
shutting down the geth fighters, went for the Reaper base first then couldn't do it. My paragon bar is pretty close to the top; haven't had any convo options blocked out at least. Didn't see any interrupts either - only renegade ones, one of which I assumed would be smacking Han Gerrel and the other a bullet for Legion, neither of which I did.

I allowed Legion to upload his improvement, but then Tali begged him to stop and it became apparent that it was the geth or quarians. I told Legion to stop, whereupon he choked a brotha leading to Tali burying an omni-blade in his back. After getting my mack on with Liara (who looks a lot, it has to be said, compared to her equivalent scene in ME1.) my Shep had a nightmare about Legion's fate. He now rests in Valhalla with Mordin and Thane! Assaulting the Cerberus Base now. My military forces thing in the war room is all green and as far along as it goes, so here's hoping for a good ending.

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