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Originally Posted by Zeriel View Post
I don't think this is correct. Granted, you must play 100% perfectly and miss no pickups and miss no missions (and get both geth and quarian, etc.), but I got the good ending and I haven't touched multi.
You are a rare one who got it! Everything I read said it was not possible to get the 4000 ems needed to see that last scene without multi. However, after reading this it appears to be tied to completing everything from all the games and a certain decision near the end:


To get the “Perfect” Ending in Mass Effect 3, play the game with the New Game+ option or with an imported character from ME2, with an achieved 4000+ EMS rating and choose the Red, or Renegade Option. With 4000+ EMS you must rescue Anderson from the Illusive Man’s execution. With 5000+ EMS, you can rescue Anderson or let him die. This ending comes after a short post-credits conversation between a man and child.
During NG+ or with an imported character from ME2, the Prejak Paddle Fish will counts as a War Asset, which in turn increases your EMS (Effective Military Strength) score. That means you’ll want to invest in a Fish-Feeding VI. Learn how to find the fish on our Prejak Paddle Fish Easter Egg page.
Shepard seemingly is killed, but the ending will be extended slightly with a shot of Shepard’s charred armor as it takes a deep breathe after the short “Stargazer” segment. According to fan theory, maybe that stuff on the Citadel was a hallucination!

So maybe all I'm missing is a fish?

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