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It's also a misstep to use whether or not Shepard lives as having any sort of weight: it's irrelevant. The question has already been dealt with: the whole point of ME II is that Shepard and her whole team are 100% ready to die to stop the Reapers. No hesitation, no doubt. I mean, giving up your life to save organic life isn't more dramatic than giving up your life to save an individual, or for a more complex cause: it's less dramatic, because it would be a more obvious Right Thing To Do. Shepard was willing to die--did die--to save Joker at the start of ME II. It's no new revelation to her character if she's willing to die to save everyone and everything.

The strength of Mass Effect is that by the end, you believe in the epic--that the individual can only be free to be an individual if, paradoxically, they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the whole.