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Originally Posted by Crowbar of Irony +3 View Post
The issue, for me, isn't Shephard living or dying. It's that no one is saved despite everything I have done, and everything is reset...
Just to add on some thoughts - some defended the ending saying that we don't explicitly need to see the aftermaths at all, such as:


such as Quarians re-building on Rannoch, little Krogan-Mordin, Jacob and his Shephard-boy, Anderson reuniting with Sandy etc. We can all infer that from what happens throughout the game. That's fair.

But with the ending destroying all Mass Relays, and without further information, all that is left of the galaxy is a husk (heh) of its former self. It's as good as extinction. And with all the relays gone, without the Reapers or the other races to uplift any lower-evolved species, will there even be meaningful intelligence life for the next cycle?

The ending, as it is, is just an epic proportions of rock falls, everyone dies.

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