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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
I think you guys misunderstood me. I am not saying that she should or shouldn't have died. I am saying that by the end of MEIII, I didn't care any more: not because I am not invested in her--I am--but because I buy into the story, and in the story whether or not any one person--even Shepard--makes it is really beside the point. I don't need a crisis where we see whether or not she's willing to give her life for humanity. OF COURSE SHE IS. So is everyone else. So is EDI, so was Legion, which I think are the ones that matter, as it shows that synthetics won't inevitably wipe out humanity. The fact that the Bioware writers apparently thought that Shepard's fate was a meaningful distinction between the endings shows that they don't understand their own story. I don't need my Shepard to live, I need her to matter.
Agreed wholeheartedly. Sorry I misunderstood you.