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Originally Posted by Bosstone View Post
The reason "it was all a dream" is detested is because it's a deus ex machina that can be invoked when the writers have written themselves into a corner. If everything up until the sudden awakening is presented as 'real', then that's just poor writing.
Somehow it must be gotten across to writers that gimmicks like this actually punish your audience for their willing suspension of disbelief. And a story like Mass Effect depends heavily on willing suspension of disbelief. There are a lot of plot holes. I know I forgive all these except

Udina's betrayal, which didn't make sense as given. The Dalatrass gave you the warning just after she had declared herself your enemy, Bailey and C-Sec show up at a suspicious time. The whole thing stinks to high heaven, and it looks like part of that plotline just got dropped.

My recommendation is not to try for a tricky ending for any story that is not absolutely airtight in its plotting and premises, because in general you're just pissing away the audience's trust and making them actually pay attention to things they just let you get away with.