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NB: these aren't spoilers, but speculation of what Bioware could do to explain away their crappy ending.

I just want to say that audiences (understandably) hate the "it was all a dream" ending when the dream encompasses the majority of the movie/book/game. It's a big "fuck you" to an audience that willingly suspended disbelief and tried to follow along with the rules the writers laid out along the way, and especially abuses the audience's emotional connection with the characters and their travails.

However, a brief interlude preceding the real climax, which turns out to be an attempted (but thwarted!) mindfuck by the antagonist, wouldn't have the same level of betrayal and "why did I just bother watching the whole story if it was a dream?" element. I'm quite sure I've seen more than one movie that uses this technique, but I'll be damned if I can remember specific titles, and I suppose to name them would be spoilers for those movies anyway. But I bet y'all can think of examples yourselves.

Spoiler joke for one of the endings. I think the option I chose is the best
because here is how I like to imagine the aftermath of "Control"

oh and (slight spoilers for peri-ending stuff)

BTW, have you guys seen the Marauder Shields meme going around? Lacking a proper final boss fight, fans have adopted Marauder Shields as the ultimate antagonist, who turns out to have been trying to help you by keeping you from seeing the ending. It's silly and fun, and makes me love the fan community so much.