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Originally Posted by Zeriel View Post
I honestly think this is a bit extreme. Everything up until the last minutes
either after Harbinger's laser or after the confrontation with TIM, depending on where you draw the line
is basically one of the best game experiences I've ever had--especially the beginning of the
attack to retake earth
which gave me a huge sci-fi boner the likes of which I haven't had since, hell, watching B5 Season 4 for the first time.
It was probably like 5 minutes if you went through that last bit quickly. I spent several long agonizing minutes trying to find another option. But I'm not lying when I say it ruined the entire franchise for me. I even wrote Bioware (nicely). I have never done that before, but I really wanted to let them know how my husband and I felt. Even if they never read it, it was cathartic for me. What an amazing ride it was until the ending that left me just... sad.
I don't need a happy ending, but how about one that just makes sense?

A company can be destroyed by something like this. I feel like they have to do something at this point or end up as another footnote. My only wish, if that happens, is that they take EA down with them. It is to dream...

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