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I did some research on the logistics of it.

Here's what happens:

I set up a TupperConnect party, which provides an online portion. People place their orders online and their purchases go directly to their house, instead of to the host's house.

The problem with doing it like that is that the host will only get credit for the online sales if the non-online sales reach $150. So, if someone wants to host one, they'd be best served by getting a few friends or family to place non-online orders.

But, for a Doper party, I could set myself as host and we could do it as online orders only. Since there wouldn't be any offline orders, there would be no host credits but since I'm the consultant, I'd still get my commission.

But, if someone wants to host a Doper party and knows that they'll be buying at least $150 worth of stuff before getting their host credits, they could place their order offline and then wait for the credits to come rolling in (the credits would go for additional items, not the initial purchases).

Does that make sense?

So, to translate - the easiest way would for me to be the host because I'm not concerned about the host credits. Then all orders could be placed online, payment would be online, and shipping would go directly to their house.

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