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If you know of anyone who is going to college in September, you can help them out by giving them this or this. These are just two of the many microwave items that make life a heck of a lot easier, especially for people with little space and time. Both are very small.

The omelet maker allows you to add your eggs and veggies (or whatever else you like in your eggs) to the dish, throw it in the microwave, and continue getting ready for school or work without having to worry about the egg overcooking. When it's done you can slap it on some bread and eat a tasty and healthy omelet sandwich on the way to class. Even better, it works perfectly with egg beaters or egg whites, which take up way less space in a minifridge than a carton of eggs.

The spaghetti maker allows you to put water and pasta (any kind) in the container and then in the microwave. It requires no stirring or watching. When it's done, you just pop the lid on to strain because the lid has a strainer built in. This makes it easy for a busy student to have a quick, healthy, and inexpensive meal without ever having to leave their dorm or breaking their study concentration! I just bought one of these for my step-dad because their stove doesn't work but he loves pasta. My friend got one at a party and hasn't managed to put it away since she got it because she uses it pretty much every day. You can even use it to make boxed macaroni and cheese!