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MsRobyn - I was just doing some bowl research the other day for my boyfriend's mom. There were a couple with 6 cup capacities but they are part of sets of 3. There are also bigger bowls that are much cooler.

This set comes with a 6-cup bowl, and this one comes with a 5.5 cup bowl. Of course, they're both parts of sets of 3 so you'd get the bigger ones too.

As for cooler ones this one is awesome for entertaining. The lid serves as a sectioned serving try. The bowl has a 1.5 gallon capacity and the two little bowls are the perfect size for dip. When I used mine last week, I had ranch and onion dip in my little bowls, which clip to the inside of the bowl. I had a full bag of chips and a full bag of tortilla chips in there at the same time.

If you can use more bowls and you're the type who loves awesome sales, this set is one of the June sales. It's currently more than half price and comes with 10 bowls (2 of each of the 5 different sizes).

I just got my egg maker and haven't had a chance to use it yet but I'll go test it now and let you know how it does cheese. I know it does eggs well but no one ever mentioned cheese. Do you usually mix the cheese in the egg or lay it on top?