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I had a request to post the lemon cake picture again because it wasn't coming up properly.

So, here's the lemon cake again.

Lemony goodness

In addition, here's a Swiss Chocolate cake with Double Chocolate Chip frosting which I just made for my dog trainer.

Chocolate cake!
The way this cake is made is to make the mix like normal. The bottom portion of the stack cooker gets a light spray with cooking spray and then the frosting is piled right in the center. The mix is poured around the frosting. The whole thing goes in the microwave for 8 or 9 minutes. When it comes out and cools slightly, you just flop it over onto a serving dish. The whole top (formerly the bottom) will be covered with oozy frosting and it runs down the sides and even cooks into the cake.

And here are better pictures of the pickle picker (which is actually not called that but I can't seem to stop calling it that).
Pickles sitting in the juice while the elevator is all the way down

The elevator slides up (there are notches to keep it properly aligned) and the pickles come out of the juice for easy picking