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A question about Tupperware's replacement policy: I know they have a lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping or breaking. In fact I've taken advantage of it twice now, sending broken or cracked items to Tupperware, and getting shiny new replacements in the mail - yay!

However, the replacements have been the current model or an equivalent product, i.e., I've sent broken old-style commuter mug lids and gotten new-style commuter mugs in return. And I'm not complaining! But now my beloved salad dressing container (circa 1988) has cracked its lid, and that style is long discontinued. Is there any way to get an actual replacement lid (short of hoping to find it on ebay), rather than the new style of salad dressing container (the Quick Shake thingy)? The container is perfectly fine, I just need a new lid. Am I out of luck?