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Have any of you played the new Leviathan DLC yet? I played it this evening, and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the plot and the gameplay, and it was totally worth the $10.

On the other hand...

... I thought they left a huge, gaping plot hole by recruiting a race which apparently made its living through the subjugation and mind-control of "lesser" races. Once the Leviathans wipe out the Reapers, aren't they going to subjugate and mind-control us?

I was also disappointed about how you discover a race which was the creator of the Reapers, and which had incredible power over the Reapers, which is such a powerful revelation it could change the course of the entire war, the end, you only get an additional 400 war assets and an extra six lines from the Catalyst Kid. I was hoping that the Leviathans' involvement would make an entire new ending possible. Either the Leviathans make it possible to defeat the Reapers through conventional military force, or they have some insight into the Catalyst that alters its functioning.

Also, when James is in the researcher's office, if you talk to him enough, he'll play with the Husk head, provoke it into biting him, and then suggest you bring it on board the Normandy as a souvenir! That was great.