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Originally Posted by D_Odds View Post
Finally played through this and all I can say is I'm thankful I got it on sale, but it was still too expensive. They created a movie where they let you play through a few parts. ~30 minutes at the end of doing nothing, but don't leave the room because you are needed for one timed button click? Who thought that was a good idea? And have they been reassigned to janitorial duties yet.

All game long I'm thinking that there are too many fucking cutscenes, so I guess that had to be the only way to finish it...with an interminable, often unpausable cutscene.

I stayed away from this thread because I didn't want spoilers ahead of the game, and I didn't read all 473 posts though I'm sure I'm the the only one bitching and moaning about this absolute waste of $15. I feel sorry for anyone who paid full price.
Did you just jump into to the last chapter of a trilogy?

I guess the cut scenes are numerous, but they are the culmination of an emotional ride spanning years. We've been growing close to these characters and this universe for hundreds of hours of gametime, so it was easy for me, at least, to excuse the exposition.

Also, on PC you can pause the cut scenes

But regardless, I really didn't see ME3 as having too many of these... This is no Metal Gear or Final Fantasy.

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