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Originally Posted by Sterling Archer View Post
But I won't deny I am slightly tempted by the Golden Scratch-R's. Anyone buying those?
I haven't been playing this game for too long and there are a lot of things about it that make me lean towards giving it up pretty soon. I've no intention of junking the thread up with those things. Except for my impression of the golden scratch-rs.

Until a few days ago there were only the normal scratch-rs and they seemed to pay out pretty decently. Only rarely would I get a one or two bomb ticket and I actually got a jackpot once. The payout seemed high enough that I figured it'd eventually be worthwhile to build the second Kwik-E-Mart. Then there was an update and the golden scratch-rs were added (It was via an update, right?). Every scratch-r now tells you how many donuts you'd have won if you bought a golden one. Additionally, it seems like the odds on the regular tickets were changed so that now it's pretty rare to get a prize that's not one or two bombs. I suspect that the odds between the two ticket types are the same.

My take is that they've altered existing gameplay to squeeze more money from users. I guess EA figures the new ones have 100 donuts and they're golden. They're not giving those up for nothing.