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When you visit friends you need to vandalize the school, Moe's tavern, the police station or the town hall. If they have a mop symbol, you can clean them. This will raise your Righteousness rating. The five stars in your info bar show you your Conform-O-Meter. Five stars will get you and additional 5% bonus to money and XP.

This info is null and void for special events like we had for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines where clicking on a particular thing in your friend's towns was the goal.

The game progresses according to quest completions, not your level. Just keep completing the tasks. Sometimes a certain character needs to be free (not on a job) to trigger a task. I usually set all of my characters to work the same length job so when they finish I have them all free at one time.

There is also a forum for the game and a FAQ by EA that is very helpful.