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Ever see the "Shepard is a jerk" videos on YouTube covering the three games? In ME1 and ME2, even as a Renegade you're still rather heroic.

But in ME3, if you choose a full-on Renegade path, Shepard can be an absolute monster!

Let's see...


By means of not doing the Paragon interrupt, you can allow Samara to commit suicide to avoid killing her own daughter. And then kill her daughter anyway.

You can kill Mordin to prevent him from curing the genophage. And if Wrex is the Urdnot leader, he'll find out, and confront you. And you'll be forced to kill him.

You can choose the geth over the quarians, and as Tali sees the Migrant Fleet burning in the skies over Rannoch, she'll jump off a cliff-- and there's nothing you can do to prevent her from it.

You can kill Ashley/Kaidan as s/he defends Udina.

And in the mother of all "fuck-you" moments, in the Extended Cut only, you can choose not to activate the Crucible. "SO BE IT!" exclaims the ghost-child, and the Reapers succeed in exterminating galactic civilization.

Right now I'm deep in the second act of ME3 with a very Paragon, female, Vanguard Shepard named Lorelei. Romanced Liara in ME1, didn't cheat on her in ME2; saved Maelon's data, saved Wrex.

Only my second time through the game. I remembered a good deal of it, but the moments still hit you. But Mass Effect has that effect on you. I've played Mordin's loyalty mission in ME2 a dozen times, and it still chokes me up.