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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
Oh definitely, the 'meriken Dream Dussy Rhoooodes, the Bull of the Woods if you weel, is proof of that. But that "Really" thing has gotten old. The last Miz TV segment, he and Titus sold hip tosses for Michael Strahan. Like Stephanie said, he's the one they send to all the strip malls and high school gyms on promo tours. WWE thought they could bring in Reality TV audiences via Miz, but now that they have Total Divas for that.
Even if thats the case and they tapir him off of the "reality" angle, he's still not TERRIBLE in the ring, and he certainly gets heat.

There is narry a superstar on the roster that gets the fan response that he does in BOTH directions. The cheers are as loud as the boos...and they're all loud