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Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
Started with a confusing promo from Reigns. He's pretty bad on the mic and I don't understand the point. Make him scary? Kind of an asshole? He just fell flat to me on that promo, and if the WWE is going all-in on him, and making him Cena 2.0, he has A LOT of work to do. Also Kane came out whom I HAAAATTTTEEE
You and I must not have watched the same promo. Dude called Kane a bitch to his face and then speared Fit Finlay. (I also recognized Jamie Noble and Mike Rotunda (i.e. Irwin R. Shyster) among the executives they used in that segment.)

I always will love an Ambrose fight, so he didn't disappoint as normal. I think he and RKO work pretty well together.
No disagreements there. That was a hell of a match, even if they went to the same old "fake RKO-clothesline-real RKO/pin" spot that they use whenever Randy actually has to win a match clean.

If I ever go to an event I swear I'm gonna have a sign that says "Push Kofi". I love me some Kofi Kingston and I think he should get a legitimate push. He makes his opponents look good, he's willing to do awesome spots, and he's willing to go all out in a ladder match. He had another good match with Cesaro, leading to a win! Which confuses me because I don't know what this does to Cesaro's character. Is this supposed to make him stronger? weaker? more of a heel?
There's a guy who did some research recently and came up with a history of the WWE championship as it would have been if there had never been any non-title matches, multi-man matches, or storyline title strippings. If one follows that history, then Kofi is the three-time and current world champion.

Sandow is hilarious I don't care what anyone says, but this week he fell flat. He needed to come out as Bret in the first place, then be sharpshot (sharpshootered?) by the REAL Bret and call it a segment.
IMO, they missed an opportunity to have Sheamus put "Sandhart" in the Sharpshooter and then have Bret call for the bell.

Rollins and Cena made a pretty good match. Cena isn't the best foil for Rollins's athleticism, so he felt a bit wasted, but otherwise it was a decent match until. GODDAMN KANE. He's so pointless. I hate him. I hate his stupid voice, and walk, and look, and mask and...gosh....everything. It's not even heel heat for me, X-pac heat all the way. And it all ends with a yawn ending. Kane interferes, Cena is knocked out, fake cash in, Ambrose, copyright, go home.
I hate the way they're using Kane right now, because I dislike booking where the heels are ineffectual pussies who can only win a match via cheating or outside interference, and the way things are Kane is basically just the Authority's I-Win-Button. That being said, I got the impression from his promos tonight that they're about to turn him again, and since I enjoyed the comic-relief Team Hell No version of Kane a lot more than I've enjoyed his recent antics, I consider that a good thing.

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