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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
Why? He sells more merchandise than anyone else by a huge margin, he's far more popular with the kids (which is the most important demographic for a number of reasons) than Reigns or Ambrose or Bryan are, and Cena personally loves being able to work with Make-a-Wish and do meet-and-greets with the troops. (Side note: In another online community, I know an active-duty Marine who met Cena in Iraq several years ago and absolutely loves the guy because of how cool he is in real life and how much he loves the troops.) The people who dislike Cena are a relatively small part of WWE's audience and are less likely to pay to go to live shows or to buy PPVs or merch, and they probably still wouldn't buy Cena merch if he turned heel anyway. It makes no sense from a business standpoint for WWE or a personal standpoint for Cena.

(Note: I realize this depends upon Bryan being able to return. But I'm hoping he will.)

Cena sells merchandise now, but how about tomorrow? It is hard to deny that face Cena peaked a while ago. What the WWE needs is a big story to sell the new Network, and a heel turn by Cena would be that story. Seriously, after he loses to Brock, what is left for Cena? How do you keep selling his merchandise and winning over the kids when the "Champ" will be out of the title picture?

Sure it would be a big gamble, but not so much as it would have been a few years ago. Here is the guy that put the Rock out of wrestling. He is booed by a significant number of fans already. The fans "voted" Cena to face all the Wyatts. He has done everything right and still gets booed. Now is the time for the turn while the character is still near the top. He will be booed by more than some at Summerslam. Survivior Series screwjob anyone?

Hogan turned heel successfully. Austin turned heel (less successfully). Punk turned heel while still champion. Down the road a few years Cena can become a face again like they all do. But now is the time to shock the Wrestling World and get those Network numbers up.