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The big difference is that Hulk Hogan really had stopped being a draw by the time they turned him heel - it's been written that WCW had to give out free Hulk merch to audience members, and confiscate signs making fun of him around '95-'96. Cena is still six years younger than Hogan was when he turned, and has only been wrestling for half as long as Hogan had at that point. True, Cena gets booed often (and in some cities more than others), but it's hard to tell how much of that is genuine fan dislike and how much of it is just the live audience having fun. Hell, I like Cena, and at the live shows I've been to I chant along with the "CENA SUCKS!" crowd just because it's fun to do so.

As far as selling the Network, I think having Brock as champion, and his wrestling exclusively on PPV, will be a big shot in the arm there without taking such a big gambit on Cena, and the fact that the worldwide launch of the Network is coming up in just a few weeks is going to be a big boost as well. Maybe Cena will turn heel in the future, but I don't think now is the time.