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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I still think it will be a few years until Cena turns heel. While us smarks can't stand him, he's still a big draw to the kids and their merchandise-buying parents.
Honestly, I think he could turn some of us smarks with a few tweaks to his character. I'm not asking for anything radical, like learning how to really sell; the man's been in the ring for ten years, after all. If he's not got that yet, he's not going to (and arguably, it would be out of character). But, for example--the man can cut a promo when he wants to. I mean, look at his promo last week(?), with Heyman. Look at the video package this week (so I'm told; I was eating and kinda tuned it out other than BLOOD, URINE & VOMIT). Look at his promo back after MITB w/ Steph and H (ok, Steph and H stole the show, but they'd steal it from anyone other than Heyman, Ambrose or Wyatt at this point). Heck, even look at some of his promos from the Wyatt feud--basically every other week he'd cut a promo that put Wyatt over. That's the Cena we want--Serious Cena, w/ fire and a love for the business (and the company, let's be honest) and yes, even some Hustle, Loyalty & Respect. Jokin' Jern, who likes crappy photoshops and sings about Bray Wyatt having no testicles... not so much. Humor is not your strong point, John; leave it for the professionals. You can get a bit one-note on the serious thing as well, but you've got a better shot at keeping that relatively fresh and likeable than you do poopy jokes.

So, start with that. Maybe some new theme music (though I have to admit I'd miss being able to sing "John Cena sucks!" along with the melody and make fun of BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR APPLEDOUGH!). Just a few little things. It'd never win over all of the smarky crowd, but it'd at least make him less irritating.

I've been fast-forwarding through the Stephanie/Brie drama. Their showdown just does not interest me, mainly because I see it as some prima donna from the office who wants air time.
Soooooo... who's the "prima donna from the office" here? Not Steph? I mean, she's the best heel in the company right now (or she would be if she weren't feuding with the Bellas, anyway). Not only that, she demonstrated that she is capable of delivering a Pedigree just as well as her husband. That doesn't mean she can work a decent match--I'm expecting a complete train wreck at SummerSlam--but she's obviously putting a little bit of work into this.

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