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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
So, barring any last minute changes, injuries, or surprise midget matches, it looks like we've got the following eight-match card coming up at Summerslam next week;

* Cena vs. Lesnar for the world title. I know this isn't the first time they've feuded, but this match has had a good build and I'm really looking forward to it. Prediction: Lesnar wins and he wins decisively.

* Ziggler vs. Miz for the IC title. AFAIK this will be Miz's first title defense, and Ziggler's first shot at a title in awhile. Ziggler has been looking good lately, but I predict Miz retains in order to further build his Hollywood heel persona.

* Paige vs. AJ for the Divas title. Not particularly looking forward to this match since they've done it four times already, and AJ matches pretty much always go the same way. I'd like to see Paige win, but I predict AJ retains so they can keep her as a face champion until Charlotte comes up to the main roster to challenge her.

* Rollins vs. Ambrose in a lumberjack match. I assume that in kayfabe Ambrose picked this stipulation in order to stop Seth from running and the Authority from interfering. I expect both to happen anyway. This is a hard match to call - Seth could use a win since he's probably going to be treading water storywise until after Wrestlemania - I mean, can you imagine Seth trying to cash in his MITB on Brock Lesnar? I mean, I can imagine it, but I can't imagine it going well for Seth. I'd personally prefer to see Ambrose win because I love the hardcore brawling style he's been using since the Shield broke up, but let's call it Rollins by a nose.

* Rusev vs. Swagger in a flag match. It must have been decades since WWE has done a flag match, but it's the perfect blowoff for this feud. (I'm not even sure what the rules for a flav match are, though.) Rusev has been undefeated since January, but this is a good opportunity to have him put over babyface Swagger in a way that allows Lana to claim that Rusev was never pinned and didn't submit, just like VLADAMEER POOTIN.

* Jericho vs. Wyatt, Harper and Rowan banned from ringside. Easy booking here - the Family intervenes anyway, causing a DQ and setting up a blowoff for Night of Champions.

* Stephanie vs. Brie, Brie "gets her job back" if she wins. Again, easy call - Brie wins because that's the only logical ending to this storyline and because it's his time Steph got some comeuppance.

* Reigns vs. Orton. This one could really go either way, but the common sense logic says Reigns needs the win more if he's going to be a contender for the title down the road.

There's also been rumors of a four-way tag titles match on the pre-show, Usos vs. Rybaxel, the Wyatt's, and the Rhodeses. IMO, the Ascension is going to be coming to the main roster and taking those belts soon, so if this match goes forward, the Usos will likely retain for now.

Overall, it has the potential to be the strongest card since Wrestlemania, and I'm looking forward to most of it.

Cena/Lesnar: I agree with what you say here. Although looking ahead, IMO, Reigns has A LOT of work to do before he is a legit face of the company

Ziggler/Miz: Unfortunately this is gonna be a Miz win since he is getting a good heel push and I think they want to keep it that way

Paige/AJ: I don't care who wins, all I care is that it's a good match. I think that Paige has it in her to have a good match, and I think that AJ has it in her to have a good match too, so a nice healthy match is all I need. I hate AJ matches because they last all of 90 damn seconds.

Ambrose/Rollins: Disappointed that it's a Lumberjack match because we all know the Lumberjacks are just gonna be the Authority's heels, making it unfair to Ambrose blah blah....

Rusev/Swagger: I think that Swagger wins clean actually.

Jericho/Wyatt: Wyatt NEEDS to win to maintain any semblance of his character. He is so good on the Mic (even tho he's boring) and by all accounts a good wrestler, he just loses in every. single. big. match. he ever is in.

Stephanie/Brie: Steph won't even wrestle. Something weird will happen.

Reigns/Orton: Reigns will probably win by Kane interference

4-way-tag: I haven't heard of this. Although I would LOVE for Goldy and Starry to win! I don't know how close the Ascension is to coming up, and I think the results of this match will go a long way in saying. If Rybaxel or the Wyatts win I think they come up soon and win. If the Usos retain or Goldy/Sarry win they stay down a while