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Originally Posted by LawMonkey View Post
Ooooh. Ever head over to Full Sail to check out an NXT taping?
Not yet. I've been to a few TNA tapings though (they are also done here.) It's on my to-do list now that school is over.
Dumb noobish question: What exactly is "workrate"? It's a term I see thrown around a bit and I can't quite nail down what the hell it means, exactly.
Originally Posted by Martin Hyde View Post
Workrate - Basically as all wrestling matches normally are works, which means planned and not competitive, "workrate" simply means "doing that really well." Broadly it means putting on a show really well, and it's a combination generally of "skill" and intensity/effort.
Martin has a slightly different definition than I do. He seems to equate it with "worker", which basically means "wrestler who can have a great match". I think workrate is a bit simpler, though; it's just about how intense the matches are. In the most basic terms, it's about how much time you don't spend in rest holds (stuff like rear chinlocks and sleepers that are just done so the wrestlers can catch their breath and/or waste time until the show goes to commercial).

Like Martin says, there's not really a hard-and-fast rule about it because different styles require different levels of intensity. If a high-flyer spends half his matches lying on the floor that's fine because all the non-lying-around stuff is interesting. Bret Hart could spend more time in submission holds because he's a submission wrestler (and complicated reversals and things were always his party pieces).

One of the reasons ECW made so much headway back in the day was because there were no rest periods at all. They only had an hour of TV or two hours before they had to clear out for bingo so everything was GOGOGO! all the time.