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Originally Posted by Cell Guy View Post
I've cancelled my Network sub effective Sep 8. The only reason I got the Network is for the video library. WCCW and ECW shows haven't been updated in months. Where is the old TBS Saturday night program? What about Worldwide? Mid South? AWA? There is some great stuff in that library and for some reason WWE is just sitting on it. I may resubscribe when those programs make it to the Network but for now it's not worth it.
I thought they were adding ECW TV shows, but one week at a time, and it hasn't been that long since they aired the one where Shane Douglas threw down the NWA belt.

Also, wasn't the network supposed to have every RAW? They don't seem to have very many before 2012 - I went looking for the Owen Hart tribute show from 1999, but it's not available.

The other thing that worries me; if they ever decide to show Nitro again, can they undo the edits they made to the WWE Classics On Demand broadcasts? I watched WrestleMania XIV recently, and while they had the "WWF Attitude" logo uncensored, all audio references to "WWF" still had the F blanked out.