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Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
You have the Usos, The Wyatts, Rybaxel, and Goldy/Starry, and since Trips seems to want to move away from tag-teams I don't know what place The Ascension will have.
How many times have the Wyatts fought the Usos now? (I was going to say "jobbed out to, but I forgot the pattern: Wyatts win on TV, lose on PPV title shot.) And The Dust Busters (who really need a name--the Cosmic Connection?)--they spent a solid month doing weird--admittedly entertaining, but weird--promos that sorta seemed like they were leading up to some storyline, and so eventually we got... them fighting RybAxel, just like they did before they went off for the month of promos.

No, sorry--if we're going to have a tag teams at all, we need more teams--even if they're only part time or ad hoc teams, like SLATER GATOR BAYBEE! Or the New Nation, except that apparently Creative has literally forgotten about them entirely. We need The Ascension, and we need them ASAP. The Usos had an open challenge on Main Event tonight--I was hoping, as unlikely as it was, for The Ascension to make a surprise appearance and ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISH Jimmy and Jey. (Hey, I like the Usos more than your usual smark, but it is way past time for those belts to change hands.)

Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
No...but I don't see Lesnar as the champion either, since it's doubtful that he would ever appear other than at a PPV.
What better way to sell the Network/PPVs? That's how they used to book things--if you wanted to see Hogan fight a match, you bought a PPV (or went to a house show/dark match); on free TV, you'd see him cut promos and maybe a confrontation with whatever heel was challenging, but you paid your money if you wanted to see the big draw. John Cena doesn't need the belts to do all of his "Face of the Company" PR work/selling merch/cutting jokey Jern promos on Raw; Brock, on the other hand, is enough of an attraction that people will want to pay their $10 $9.99 to see him fight, especially if he shows up (and doesn't fight) on say, at least one RAW between every set of PPVs--usually the go home, but I like the idea of him being able to show up on any show to help sell RAW as well. Makes every single PPV a "must-see", assuming they can find credible opponents. (Which is really the issue with Brock. )

What's best for business? A part time champ, I think.

(Also, thought I'd bring this over from my IWC hangout, since there's been a lot of talk about the SS card--so here are rumoured match times, courtesy of the Observer, spoilered just in case.)

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz: 10 min.
Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt: 15 min.
Rusev vs. Jack Swagger: 12 min.
AJ Lee vs. Paige: 12 min.
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins: 15 min.
Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton: 20 min.
Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella: 15 min.
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar: 25 min.